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Honey of the DARK BEES


We produce high-class honey

Tammirauman Hunajatila (Tammirauma´s Honey farm) is situated in the town of Naantali, South-Western Finland, in the middle of a beautiful archipelago. We have concentrated on producing high-class honey as well as breeding and conserving the Nordic bee race. Moreover, we offer bees to pollination. Our apiaries are located in Naantali, Masku, Kaarina, Parainen, Somero and Turku. We sell honey roud the year directly on the farm and in summer time we also have a self-service kiosk.

We offer pollination

Tammirauman Hunajatila offers bees for pollination in neighborhood within the limits of our resources. Our bees pollinate mainly fruit gardens.

We breed queens of the Nordic bee race

There is a danger that the Nordic bee race dies off. Tammirauman Hunajatila is one of those few places in Finland that breeds this Nordic dark bee race (Apis mellifera mellifera). The gorgeous archipelago of Naantali provides bee queens with excellent possibilities for pure mating. Every year a part of Finnish beekeepers buys one or more dark queens. The Nordic bee was the most common bee race in the world in the 1850´s,  but in the 1960´s the pure dark bee was nearly extinct. As late as in 1980´s people woke up to protect this valuable genome. Pure stocks were found in Nordic countries, in Baltic states and in Europe. The present stocks in Finland are originally from Sweden, Ireland and Finland.

The status of the dark bee is rising strongly as the preservation of biodiversity is very important to many people.

We also cooperate with other Nordic and European beekeepers who have specialized in the conserving of the dark bee. International association for protection of the European dark bee  is called SICAMM (Societas Internationalis pro Conservatione Apis Melliferae Melliferae).

In case you are interested in the breeding and conservation of the dark bee, contact Aimo Nurminen tel. +358 400 520712.




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